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How can a lawyer help with identity theft

Nov 22

Missouri Cook Law is an experienced identity theft lawyers near me. We have extensive experience filing lawsuits against credit bureaus and credit furnishers to remove items from credit reports. People are quickly turned down by the terms lawsuit, lawyer, litigation. A lawsuit is not something anyone wants to deal with. They consider all the possible negative consequences and costs. This could be your last and best option to remove an item from your credit history. This is also not as expensive and as bad as you might think.

After your case has been set up with dispute letters, responses from credit bureaus and any negative items still reported, the next step is to have a lawyer file a lawsuit. You could be eligible to have a clean credit history and monetary compensation if your attorney sues them under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You can recover attorney fees, actual damages and punitive damage under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This is just fancy language to say that you could make a lot of money from this process. Your lawyer will not be paid by the companies you sue. A Missouri identity theft lawyer such as Cook Law will often take a case contingent. This means they get paid only if the other side wins.

Identity theft can lead to many negative credit effects. Your credit score could drop, your insurance may be increased, and it could make it difficult to get a job. Depending on the severity of your situation, you might also lose access to financing, loans, or general credit. This nightmare is not permanent, but it can be fixed. You would be entitled to have your credit restored and stop any unwelcome debt collection activity. Additionally, you could also make some money for your efforts. A Missouri attorney who is experienced in identity theft can help you get your credit and identity back.

What's the next step?

Cook Law is available to help you or anyone you know who believes they may have been victims of identity theft. It is possible to fix identity theft, but it can take time. It is crucial to get started early by pulling your credit report and sending the dispute letters. It may take a few more months for a court case to be filed. If you feel you have been victim to identity theft, it is crucial that you start immediately. Missouri Cook Law advises clients to obtain copies of their credit reports at least once or twice per year. If there are any errors or omissions in your credit report, a quick scan will show you. Many clients don't realize they have been victims of identity theft until they get copies of their reports. This is often because collectors sent letters to another address.

An identity attorney in Missouri can ease the burden of dealing with identity theft. They will also help you navigate the process as smoothly as possible. Cook Law offers a free consultation. All you need is a quick telephone call. Cook law is a credit bureau, debt collector, and credit furnisher lawyer. This helps clients get clean credit, stop unwelcome collections, and sometimes, monetary compensation. Get in touch with us today!